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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Sea Of Snakes - World On Fire


Now this is a fun one. There aren't a lot of stoner bands that really carry themselves with swagger these days. Fortunately, Sea Of Snakes have it, and they come at you at a million miles an hour with heavy and passionate music that captures the imagination and speaks to just how good they are. There is a breadth to these compositions and an ability to get heads banging and asses shaking that really sets this group apart. Their new EP, World On Fire is a veritable monster and a real tribute to just how good Metal Assault Records has been. 

Of particular note on this record is the quality of the guitar tone. There is a real meat to it that lets songs like "Ride The Line" shine bright. World On Fire captures the imagination with the larger than life imagery too. Lyrics sharing visions and lights in the sky really speaks to the power of the band and what they have started to develop here. The breadth to the songs, even with their relatively stripped down arrangements is exciting. While there aren't really too many new ideas here, Sea Of Snakes do a great job of building on the sludgy stoner sounds of bands like Down and Corrosion of Conformity making for a fun listen. 

World On Fire is a monster of a release and one that will keep me coming back anytime I'm looking for another dose of the heavy stuff. This is clearly a labor of love, but it's not so ambitious as to scare off casual listeners. There is a lot to really sink your teeth into on World On Fire and the more time I spend with the myriad layers the more I think that Sea Of Snakes might be onto something special. If you're looking for a new dose of riffs, fun solos and big choruses, then you'll probably dig what these guys have to offer. 

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