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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Niadh - Our Victory Is Eternal

Now THIS is true black metal. The Colombian metal legion, Niadh have been capturing the imagination of the underground for years now. Their debut full length, Our Victory Is Eternal is a masterful offering and one that really reflects the pure brutality of the music down there. There is simply so much to sink your teeth into with this release, from their triumphant Norwegian black metal influences to the flares of Judas Iscariot. Full of medieval vibes and eerie compositions, this is the sort of grandiose black metal that can't help but to fascinate. 

Our Victory Is Eternal is proud to reflect on all manner of black metal tropes. They nicely reflect the twisted magic of the genre and play into ideas that have been made classic for a reason. While there are no real sonic surprises on this offering, it's still a record that I think many devout fans will enjoy. It's the sort of wonderfully put together stuff thata reminds you why you love this music and why it works so well. Also important to note is that the production quality of Our Victory Is Eternal tends to be a step above the other bands in the South American scene right now. While it's not great sounding, this is definitely a much more pro offering than many of the bands compatriots. 

Niadh have done a wonderful job of diving into a lot of the tropes that make us love this music and crafting something truly exciting and passionate. This record shine in its ability to just capture the imagination and continually drive forward the groups overarching mission. Not a lot of black metal bands have the same sense of demented poetry that these guys so eagerly bring up. It's always exciting to hear new flames rising from the South American scene and the more time I spend unveiling its layers the more enamored I am. 

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