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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Perversor - Psicomoro


Now this is a fun one. Perversor have been waging lessons in violence across the South American continent for years now. Their latest offering - Psicomoro is a blood curdling assault on the senses that reflects the glory of the Chilean death metal scene. There is a ferocity here that few of the bands peers can really compare too. It's a delight to sink your teeth into the mindmelting madness of this record with its sadistic imagery and dungeon level production. It's exactly the sort of thing that will keep you utterly mesmerized and coming back for more. 

Psicomoro is a fierce blast of raw death thrash fury. Yes, there are moments where the production is truly bare bones - but that's what makes music like this so awesome! It's a blast to really feel immersed in the hectic, blood curdling assault of these tracks and the way that they grind forward unrepentantly. Perversor is such a blast because they understand the sort of violence crazed lust for war that makes this music so great. The blasting drums and high powered execution throughout this record is addictive and it makes for a listening experience that you will not want to end. Perversor strip the genre back to its bare bones and capture the imagination. 

Perversor go for the throat time and time again on Psicomoro and it's incredible to experience the ongoing assault at this level. Very few bands have this same consistency throughout a record, and though this offering is a mere four tracks, it has me excited to delve back into the bands catalog. I get the sense there are many odes to bloodshed there that I'm going to revel in uncovering. Embrace the madness, delve deep into the pit and prepare to fall in love with us as Perversor drag you kicking and screaming into the pit. I promise it's worth it. 

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