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Friday, April 23, 2021

Seth - La Morsure Du Christ


Now this is an absolute monster. La Morsure Du Christ is the sort of masterwork of French black metal that reminds us why countless legions remain enamored with the genre to this day. Seth are a triumphant act with a clear vision. Their ability to execute top tier black metal is exciting as ever, and even now, decades into their career they are unveiling deeply emotional and powerful music that can't help but to capture the imagination. It's just the sort of thing to keep you entranced and coming back time and time again. 

La Morsure Du Christ is a triumph on several fronts. The songwriting is particularly great. There is really something to be said for the delivery of tracks like "Ex-Cathedrale". There is a very real bombast to this album that makes it a delight to really sink your teeth into and fall in love with. This is French black metal executed at the highest possible level, done with panache and ambition, continually proving just how excellent these groups are and demanding that listeners really immerse themselves in the power of what is and ever shall be. Seth have taken impressive steps to make this one of their best records to date. 

Seth have crafted something here that is intense and stunning. The scope of this release can't help but to impress and it speaks to a group that have really come to terms with their legacy and help to continually build on it. La Morsure Du Christ is impressive to say the least, and it's exciting to hear a band this deep into their careers still improving upon a classic sound that so many longhairs are enamored with. If you're looking for a black metal epic to capture the imagination and carry you off - this is the album for you!

Pre-order the record today!

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