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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Blessings - Biskopskniven

Blessings are absolute fucking crushers. Their latest offering, Biskopskniven is a complete punisher, a record that is terrifying in its scope and which proves just how talented the musicians behind Blessings are. This is a eagerly pull together a variety of genres from crust and hardcore to indie rock and sludge metal. It makes for an abrasive and powerful offering that can't help but to capture the imagination. It's a terrifying listen and one that seems to go well above and beyond what any of the bands peers can really do. 

This Gothenburg four piece seems focused on bringing together as many diverse sides of the music spectrum as possible and it's such a pleasure to really immerse yourself in the sonic mastery of Biskopskniven. There is just so much to unpack here and as you really lean into the waves of aural punishment it becomes clear just how much Blessings have to offer. The production on this record is masterful by the way. The drums in particular sound massive, especially on the intro to tracks like "The Whip Hand" - an offering that is particularly epic. There's just so much to sink your teeth into, it's a delight to really revel in the murk of this utterly crushing offering. 

Biskopskniven is a stunner, any way you slice it. The open throated and completely epic orchestrations that the band conjures up on this record are exciting and hint at bold new soundscapes to come. As I dig in I get the impression that this latest offering is only a hint at the full potential of Blessings. As it is, this is a great record that just has so much to offer and which really fits in perfectly to the Pelagic Records roster. It's an album that fans of thoughtful and heavy music are going to fall in love with and one which will leave you in awe. 

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