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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Siderean - Lost On Void's Horizon

Sometimes it takes a name change to really understand that a band has taken it to the next level. Such was the case for Siderean whose new record, Lost On Void's Horizon is a veritable masterpiece, a truly exciting record that captures the imagination and hints at much more to come. There is a breadth to these compositions and an excellence in the work that makes for some truly compelling and exciting music that will keep devout listeners entranced and eager to delve into the next blasphemous layers of this projects grander vision. 

Lost On Void's Horizon is a masterful and exciting record. There are countless immaculate layers on this album and the deeper you dive the more clear it becomes just how talented these guys are. Lost On Void's Horizon is the sound of technical death metal pushed to spiraling new heights. The immaculate playing and prog fueled riffs on tracks like "Sidereal Evolution" really speaks to just how talented these guys are. There's a whole swath of unique ideas and emotions that serve to make this music special. The deeper you unpack the layers and come to terms with what's being done here the more it becomes clear that they are one of a kind. 

Suffice it to say, Edged Circle Productions have found another winner. Siderean routinely push themselves above and beyond on this offering to craft some truly admirable and exciting progressive technical death metal. There are feats of musicianship that leave you scraping your jaw off the floor and an overarching vision that can't help but to impress any fan of underground music. So strip back the layers and fall in love with the madness. Lost On Void's Horizon is an early contender for death metal AOTY.  

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