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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Zennui - Kingdom Jones And The Atom Heart Family

So this is an interesting one - Zennui play what they call 'Zen metal' and their new EP, Kingdom Jones And The Atom Heart Family is a masterful opening salvo. This record is interesting because of how it fuses a variety of metal styles into something greater. The album could perhaps best be described as proggy sludge metal, but even that wouldn't do it justice. There are extended acoustic passages and interesting vocal layers locking together and continually showing that Zennui have a level of songwriting capability few of their peers can match. 

Kingdom Jones And The Atom Heart Family excites because of its progressive and powerful frills. The production also shines brightly throughout. In particular the synth padding that couches these tracks helps to make for some really engaging listening. It's a delight to sink your teeth into tracks like 'Aquatrog' which dance around the listeners ears and continually seem to seek new heights. This is certainly thinking mans heavy music but it is infinitely rewarding and continually pointing towards brave new heights for the group to achieve. There is simply so much that you can sink your teeth into and enjoy with the execution of their music. 

Glorious psychedelic and wonderfully weird Kingdom Jones And The Atom Heart Family is transcendent and exciting. There are simply so many layers that you can really pick apart here and the power of the production and execution behind the riffs makes for something rally engaging. There's clearly a lot of art school wizardry that went into this, and the more you try and experience the power within the more it becomes clear these guys are doing their own thing in an exciting and fresh new way. Immerse yourself in the magic and experience the next step. 

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