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Monday, April 26, 2021

Leach - Lovely Light Of Life

Now this is a really fun one. Lovely Light Of Life is a burly metallic hardcore record that shines with its high powered guitars and ferocious drums. It's a record that sounds huge and exciting because it is huge and exciting. Leach prove time and time again with Lovely Light Of Life that they are a one of a kind force and that this album is just a taste of all that is to come from these Swedish ragers. It's the sort of record you really immerse yourself in and can't help but to find fascinating and exciting. Exactly what you need on a chilly spring morning. 

One thing Lovely Light Of Life does surprisingly well is make the listener feel like they've been taken on a journey. The album is wonderfully cohesive and the final track leaves fans with a sensation of completeness. Hell - even the bonus track, "D.O.D" feels like a surprisingly good fit in the overall execution of this thing. It's exciting to hear bands that do such a good job of driving towards bold new heights and showcasing the same level of raw rock fury, no matter how much the odds might seem to be against them. This is high powered heavy music that nurtures the soul and hints at something better for all of us deranged rock and rollers.

With tons of delicious references to classics of old (You gotta love the cry of "Keep walking punk" on 'Serenade') it rapidly becomes clear that Lovely Light Of Life deserves a place in the pantheon. There are few records that really get my body moving this early on a Monday, but Lovely Light Of Life is one such offering and it's really fun and exciting. It's the sort of album that gets you headbanging from dusk til dawn and eagerly anticipating more from the band. Leach understand the magic of the underground, will you revel in it with them? 

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