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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Friisk - Torügg bleev blot Sand

The Frisian black metal scene has really been popping off lately. One need look no further than Torügg bleev blot Sand for another stellar example of this. Friisk have gone above and beyond in crafting an exciting and powerful black metal record that ties into all the typical tropes of the genre and keeps listeners wholly enamored with the twisted ideologies and miserable unreality of our existence. This is a record that entrances listeners and speaks to the neverending power of this most dark of musics. It's truly stuff you can be enamored with. 

Torügg bleev blot Sand really impresses me with some of the melodic content that shines through what is often a rather monochromatic record. While the band certainly adhere to many of the classic tropes of the genre, they are also able to make their epic tracks all the more grandiose with overarching compositions that are fueled by potent guitars and blasting drums. The multi part masterpiece of the title track is a perfect example of this. It really speaks to the bands ability to conjure up potent images and craft songs that impress the listener with their ability to plumb the depths of emotions. Truly this is another great achievement for their label, Vendetta Records.

Bombastic and fun, Torügg bleev blot Sand is an exciting offering that I think devotees to the genre are going to continually come back too. Friisk have really gone above and beyond in proving that they are some of the best to be emerging from Germany right now, and this second full length is a marked step forward. It's delightfully human and incredibly powerful in its execution. Torügg bleev blot Sand is a mesmerizing offering and one that will keep black metal devotees coming back, excited for more from the band. 

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