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Friday, May 28, 2021

Beyond Man - S/T

Beyond Man is black metal done right. It's extreme, evil, and endlessly exciting. There is a twisted imagery behind the band that will leave listeners entranced and begging for more. It's just the sort of pure aural blasphemy that will keep you in awe. There is a high powered hate that drives Beyond man and which helps to make such an addictive listen. This is a record that leans into the power of black metal and which consistently unveils tormented unrealities that most of us would choose not to deal with. And yet here we are. Enraptured. 

Beyond Man captures the imagination with its ability to lean into the dark magic of black metal and give listeners a taste of the wonderful twisted invocations that make this music so worthwhile in the first place. On this record the band very much lean into the classic tropes of the genre, but that's what makes the whole offering so rewarding. It's a heavy record that is unafraid to really evoke the bitterness of yore. It's black metal for the master plan, it acknowledges no gods and no masters, but shows a certain fondness for the second wave of black metal that really can not be ignored. The sort of thing devotees fall in love with. 

So yes - this is not a record that reinvents the steel nor is it one that comes up with too many surprises, but it is a record that shows there remains purity through fire. That true black metal will never die and the more time that we spend devoted to this most unholy of genres the more that it will fuel us. Beyond Man are a thrilling bunch and it is really an honor and a privilege to sink your teeth into a new black metal band who understand the genre this well. It's the sort of thing that will leave you entranced, speaking to the immortal, undying power of the underground.

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