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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hexorcist - Evil Reaping Death


One of the problems in OSDM these days, at least in my view, is that so much of it is focused on worshipping the old Swedish scene. But what about a band who really grasped the essence of the Florida scene? That is to say 'Slayer but heavier'? Such is the magic of Hexorcist. This band, made up of members of Devastator and Gnosis worships at the altar of Morbid Angel and Mortem. The crushingly heavy assault of these tracks is addictive and its such a pleasure to really experience the devastation of this record.

Before we go any further I want to just talk about the cover art. Look at how fucking sick it is. The more time I spend staring at it the more I find cool details, from the inverted cross in the logo to the pentagram standard the leader of the cavalry is wielding. It's the perfect accompaniment to a record that delivers at a million miles an hour and terrifies listeners with the conjurations of blood, fire and death. This is a record that eagerly hints at the triumph of the past and uses its raw bombast and crazed ministrations. Evil Reaping Death manages to deliver on being a high powered anarchistic crusher of the most twisted level. 

Evil Reaping Death is old school proto death metal at its finest. It's a record that pays tribute to the Florida scene and does so with the greatest aplomb. In a world where HM-2 worship is the norm then this record is a fitting contribution to a demented sound that caroms forward and leaves only the dead bodies of posers in its wake. Evil Reaping Death is a delightful blast to the past and embracing the heaviness and classic elements that make it special is really exciting and endlessly rewarding, even on multiple listens.

Pre-order the album! 

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