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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Order Of Nosferat - Arrival Of The Plague Bearer

At what point is dungeon synth no longer dungeon synth? Is piano music on a black metal album automatically dungeon synth? I'm honestly not sure, but whatever it is, the implementation of piano on the new Order Of Nosferat record, their second in four months(!) is fascinating. This is a record that balances raw and powerful classic black metal with rich piano performance that, while bordering on dungeon synth certainly are not beholden to it. It makes for a compelling record that will keep devotees of the genre coming back. 

Arrival Of The Plague Bearer is exciting because of its ability to merge sound worlds, to show listeners dark unrealities and bitter pills of being. Order Of Nosferat prove consistently that they have a deep understanding of black metal. The implementation of keyboard parts only serves to set them apart, giving them layers that many of their peers couldn't compare too and which will entrance the devout. This is a black metal record meant for listening too late at night, alone and contemplating the world around you. Embracing the power of what they do and the vision behind their execution is truly exciting. 

Order Of Nosferat seek to take you on a journey with this record and eagerly unveil layers of potent sound replete with gorgeous execution. Arrival Of The Plague Bearer time and time again shows that this is a one of a kind band who are going to leave you begging for more. There are some truly interesting twists and turns in the myth here and the more time I spend picking them apart the more I am impressed with what Order Of Nosferat have executed. It's the sort of black metal you always need more of, and it's triumph shall not be forgotten.

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