Chuck Schuldiner Project

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Lo-Pan - Subtle

Man it feels good to really hear a band put it together. Such is the case for Lo-Pan. On their new record, Subtle the group goes above and beyond in crafting deeply powerful and emotional stoner rock full of crunchy grooves and exciting riffage. The trademark stomp has been tempered into something angular and powerful. The band revel in their heaviness and have crafted some of their most compelling songs to date. It makes for some truly fascinating listening that will leave you headbanging and begging for more. Lo-Pan get it. That simple. 

There is a potent poetry behind these songs. Tracks like 'Khan' feature some of the bands most intricate songwriting to date, and it's a real blast to immerse yourself in the gorgeous production and top tier execution of what they have put together here. It's a record that shines like the sun and sees the band embracing much brighter tones, in some ways more reminiscent of groups like ASG and Red Fang than they have ever been before. It really showcases just how talented these cats are and the level at which they can really perform. Subtle brings it at a high level, consistently showing that Lo-Pan are the best and brightest they have ever been. 

Losing yourself in this record is a delight, and it's one that has multiple moments of wizardry that will make listeners ooh and ah in admiration.  Subtle is a mesmerizing record and one that can't help but to excite. Despite the fact that this is still ostensibly a stoner rock record it is a shockingly subtle offering and one that you will keep coming back too excited for more and curious to see where it takes you next. Lo-Pan prove on this one that they get it, on some fundamental level. Embracing that level of heavy is a delight. 

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  1. Well said. This record like all LoPan records takes you on a magical journey. Especially to the musicians ear.

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