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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Gorgon - Traditio Satanae

Now this is a monster. The French black metal force that is Gorgon is back with their 6th full length, the 2nd since they reconvened in 2017. It's a masterful offering and one that really speaks to the ferocity of the band. The intensity that these guys execute with is truly special and it's exciting to see them unveil layers of sonic hate. Traditio Satanae is a potent record full of demented twists and turns. The more you attempt to unveil the tormented layers behind this record the more it becomes clear just how special Gorgon are. 

What will immediately capture listeners about Traditio Satanae is the intensity throughout. This is the sort of fierce, raw edged black metal that consistently proves Gorgon are in a league of their own. The teeth gnashing madness of the title track for instance speaks to a level of internal pain and hyper powered torment that really serves to set Gorgon apart. The hyper power assault that fuels this record is exciting and continually proves that Traditio Satanae is a black metal record for the madmen, the guys who want to go screeching into the night, and those who are curious to unveil demented new layers to the myth. 

Traditio Satane is one of Gorgon's most complete feeling works to date. The searing power is a veritable blaze in the northern sky, and the blasphemous conjurations will leave listeners in awe. Gorgon is a black metal fans black metal record, it's crushingly heavy and revels in its own twisted ideology. Paying tribute to their high powered hate is a delight and speaks to just how talented Gorgon really are. Immerse yourself in the raw misery and prepare to uncover layers of torment all over again. You won't regret it. 

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