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Friday, May 21, 2021

Slithering Decay - Aeons Untold

You want HM-2 pedal worship? We got HM-2 pedal worship. Aeons Untold is a monster of a record that blares forward full of hate and pure death metal energy. Slithering Decay are a band who eagerly lean into some of the most twisted elements of the death metal underground and their willingness to unveil increasingly more unholy sounds makes for some very exciting listening. Aeons Untold is the sound of a band going to war with reality, ripping flesh and drinking the blood of the innocent. It fucking slays. 

So now - there is nothing wholly unexpected going on here, but really that's not the point. Slithering Decay are focused on far darker arts, unveiling some of the tempestuous magic behind the genre and guiding listeners to feast in the pit. The hectic performances that define tracks like 'Verminous Flood' are exciting and speak to a level of talent and execution few of the bands peers can really cop too. The wall of sound approach here makes for an overarching sense of horror that only further fuels the mayhem behind the sound. It's the sort of thing that leaves listeners entranced and begging for more devastation. 

At the end of the day, there is something very fun about Aeons Untold. It's just a bunch of death metal dudes unleashing ferocious death metal at a million miles an hour and proving for the umpteenth time that if you go for the throat hard enough, this music is still rewarding. There is a lot of high powered hate fueling the music here and the more I spend time with it the more I am impressed with the quality and raw power behind this assault. If you're looking for your latest death metal fix, then Aeons Untold is for you.

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