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Monday, June 21, 2021

Blacksword - Alive Again


Now this is a lot of fun. Kicking off your Monday with a hearty dose of Iron Maiden worship from Blacksword is always a good idea. I mean seriously - look at their logo.  This band is rad. The new album, Alive Again is a masterwork, a stunning offering that speaks to the power of the underground and which seems to consistently go to ever higher heights. Yes it's corny and a little silly, but that's kind of the point, album art like this isn't meant to be taken super seriously, it's about the triumphant epics of slaughter within that consistently impress. 

Alive Again is big on the guitar histrionics and over the top vocals. Both are executed with aplomb. Who doesn't want to hear sick, massive guitar harmonies that match the lead lines? It's the sort of thing guaranteed to get you raising your fist. The vocal performance is honestly one of the most impressive I've heard from a band on this level in a while. While yes there are limitations here and there, it's rare to hear a band who REALLY execute on this level with high pitched Halford-esque wails and deep down Dickinson inspired bellows. These counterbalances are a lot of fun and really speak to just how special this band can be. 

So yeah - they're not reinventing the steel, but if you like Jag Panzer then this is going to be your new favorite band. Blacksword are a goddamn blast to listen too and they speak to the power of the underground like few other bands I know. No Remorse Records has once more found a masterful group who will leave you impressed and curious for more. Alive Again is a blast and speaks to a genre that will make you feel good and want to ride forth into battle with your legions of brothers in steel. Isn't that what metal is about anyway?

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