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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Under A Banner Black As Blood - S/T

Ayloss is, as many of you know, one of my favorite black metal musicians. He is after all the titan behind Spectral Lore. The dude is fabulously talented, and when he pairs up with his frequent collaborator Spyder Of Pynx you pay attention. Their new project, Under A Banner Black As Blood is currently preparing to release an album of the same name. Dubbed 'Militant Ambient' these underground masters have crafted something truly powerful and honestly quite mesmerizing. It's a delight to unpack this record and experience its utter darkness. 

Now one might hear the phrase 'Militant Ambient' and roll their eyes. It seems almost too corny. Yet once you start listening to Under A Banner Black As Blood and understanding exactly what the band is doing here it starts to become clear. Tracks like 'Forged In The Fire Of Dissent' practically revels in its bleak, swords and sorcery inspired sonic imagery. The other key influence I sense here almost seems to resonate with classic video games, with the sounds on a track like 'The Fortress Of An Ironclad Oppressor Has Been Breached' feeling very similar to what one might have heard on a classic Fire Emblem or Zelda title. Yet it all works together nicely. Throw in a nice surprise with the Atari Teenage Riot cover at the end (Yeah - you read that right) and you've got a record that stuns.

So yes - Ayloss has once again proved his artistic genius. He has shown us that even in a stripped down dungeon synth approach he is capable of producing greatness. This is a record that, though understated, is going to charm listeners for a long time to come. There is a strangely elegant poetry to the execution of this record and the breadth of the vision behind what's being done here. Under A Banner Black As Blood is the sort of dark and underground medieval vibes nerds like me want. Losing yourself in this offering is a real delight. 

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