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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

L'uomo Nero - Elle De La Mer


This is a refreshing and interesting one. L'uomo Nero are a blues rock band who bring in a few heavier influencers but stay firmly rooted in 60s sounds that reflect the power of the decade and are produced with some gorgeous sounds. The end result is a record that is driving and powerful and feels modern but also classic. Even though this is not a total retro record, the avoidance of Sabbath worship actually works out nicely in their favor. It makes their latest EP, Elle De La Mer, the second offering in their ongoing trilogy of EP's all the more compelling. 

What will perhaps first strike you about this record is the vocals which come across full throated and powerful. Though they do sit a bit high in the mix they really help to add to the sort of in your face sensibility of a track like 'Elle'. Meanwhile the jangly guitars that define an offering like 'Too Late Too Long really go to showcase what makes Elle De La Mer such a compelling record in the first place. The band find a way to really bring in disparate influences to craft what are essentially doomed pop rock songs. It's a fun experience to sit through this EP and feel its myriad waves of sound crashing upon your ears. 

L'uomo Nero prove with Elle De La Mer that they are a sonic force who are here to stay. Their music is compelling and fun and the way that they craft their releases is potent. This is a record that pushes above and beyond consistently and regularly reminds listeners just how exciting this sort of music can be. They are crafting songs that have dark sensibilities but with massive hooks that will keep you listening for days. Powerful and deceptively emotional, Elle De La Mer will keep listeners coming back for its short runtime.

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