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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Kryptan - S/T

Now this is a fierce one. It's so exciting hearing all the pandemic projects start to be released, and one of my favorites thus far is the new mini album from Kryptan, created by Mattias Norman a musician perhaps best known for his work in October Tide and Katatonia. The monolithic and fierce assault that he outlines on this self titled offering is delicious and speaks to a band who eagerly go for the throat time and time again. Kryptan is underground black metal at its finest, full of wicked riffs and a clear bleak vision for the future. 

What gets me about this record is that, even though it's a mere four songs it just keeps on giving. Tracks like 'Blessed Be The Glue' interlock synths with raging guitars and blasting drums to craft something bombastic. The project may be relatively limited in overall scope, but Kryptan consistently prove that they are trying to build on the works of the old masters. The interlocking parts that make up this album are fascinating and speak to a band who consistently drive to new heights and hint at twisted unrealities. There is a real overarching sense of torment that makes Kryptan special and embracing this internal pain is a delight. 

Kryptan is an exciting record and one that really leans into its most vicious twists and turns. Every track showcases different capacities for the band as songwriters and the deeper you delve the more rewarding it becomes. Kryptan's opening war cry is a fitting introduction into the heart of the underground and will thrill listeners who immerse themselves in the open throated blasphemies of this band. They understand the inherent magic and evil of the underground. Letting yourself get lost in the torment is a pleasure for all of us sinners. 

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