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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Mads Christensen - 5212 Helevete

Now this is an interesting one. Mads Christensen is a hard rock band who pull from a diverse array of influences to craft music that is playful and powerful. 5212 Helvete is a rock album that sees some pretty known names in the Norwegian scene come together to bring a level of hard hitting rock and roll potency that rarely unveils itself in this day and age. Mads Christensen gleefully experiment with all manner of diverse and fun hard rocking ideas. It's the sort of over the top craziness that helps to make this music so rewarding in the first place. 

I think the thing that really fascinates me about Mads Christensen is their songwriting. While it's ostensibly hard rock they pretty gleefully take on elements of black metal, punk, dance and pop. The sound though does not feel like a hodgepodge. Instead it's just a natural extension of who the folks in the band are and seems to really just point them towards ever bolder and more exciting futures. Mads Christensen really grasps the raw energy rock needs to have but also the creativity behind it that makes it really work, when they lean into this they are at their best, as on songs like 'Are You Ready To Die' which showcases the band at their finest. 

Mads Christensen has really proven themselves to be a talented band on 5212 Helvete. It sees them executing at a high level and bringing in a range of influences that you rarely hear come together in order to craft a cohesive and exciting offering. Mads Christensen have a deep understanding of this music and it's hard not to be entranced at what they are crafting. Immerse yourself in the magic and prepare to see the potent rock and roll magic of the other side. This is quite possibly the future for us all.

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