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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Expunged - Into Never Shall

Now THIS is a death metal record. Expunged really crack some skulls with their debut offering Into Never Shall. It's a death metal addicts death metal record, full of blasphemous twists and turns but staying firmly within the framework of old school death metal. Unsurprising and wonderfully bloodthirsty Expunged craft something here that taps into all the elements that make death metal so fun. Their swaggering assault and curb stomping rhythms will leave listeners in awe of the crush unveiled within. 

Expunged fascinate with the high powered hate they so nonchalantly unlock. The way that they blare forth at a million miles an hour and force listeners to choke on the bitter pill of unreality is fascinating and speaks to just how talented this band is. So any aspects of this record just fed into the overarching vile monstrosity of their sound and are guaranteed to leave listeners headbanging, screaming and begging for more. When the rubber hits the road, Into Never Shall is an absolute crusher. It's a record that devastates listeners and continually forces more riffs down your throats, the allegiance to the old school may be primitive, but it is also exciting. 

Into Never Shall is the sort of record you are going to find yourself convulsing too. It's an album that seems to eagerly revel in its own evil and prove consistently that this is a band who are a cut above the competition. Expunged lean into classic death metal tropes with aplomb on Into Never Shall and for those of us obsessed with this darkest of musics its hard not to be entranced by the bloodthirst they unleash. Expunged are yet another gem in the Hell's Headbangers collection and will continue to impress for years to come.

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