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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Melancholia - Static Church


Melancholia are a sludge metal band with a sound that can only really be described as stratospheric. This is music that leans into all manner of exciting post metal tropes and conjures up massive impressive soundscapes. As a mere 2 piece it's a real delight to lean into what they do and start to really come to terms with their cascading walls of sound. Their debut full length Static Church is an impressive offering that really pushes the band above and beyond, speaking to the power of their sound and fascinating with crushing riffs that can't help but to entrance. It makes for a record with high replay value. 

Building on a trio of EP's that the band has unleashed since 2018, Static Church is a truly impressive record. The breadth of what they do on their 20 minute closing epic, "Full" is Inter Arma-esque in scope. It shows just how talented these guys are, and is made all the more impressive by the fact that this is a two piece. Melancholia can't help but to stun and this is a record that takes you on a journey. The way that they guide you through the power of a track like "Chthonic Hymn" really speaks to their skill as songwriters. Usually when sludge bands stray over the six or seven minute mark the work becomes masturbatory and sad, this album is instead transcendent. 

With each song coming together in sweeping and grandiose movements, Melancholia consistently show that they are a one of a kind force. The way that they evoke a groundswell of emotions and somehow manage to continue to up the bar for heaviness really speaks to their ability to build larger than life soundscapes around the band. The doomed potency of these songs and the way that they seem intent on dragging you to hell only makes them all the more addictive. Static Church is a jaw dropper and another win from their label, Brutal Panda. 

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