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Monday, June 7, 2021

Dawn Fades - Ode


Now here's an epic record to get lost in. Dawn Fades have refined something truly powerful and exciting on Ode. It's a record that has a certain human power that can't help but to leave you in awe. Borrowing for m a whole swathe of influences, what these guys do here is nothing less than thrilling. this is the sort of heavy music that takes listeners on a journey and begging for more. While clearly a labor of love there is a wonderful authenticity to Ode that really keeps me coming back entranced each time.  

What's cool about this record is even through the epic frills you can hear everything from Neurosis to Alice In Chains by way of, dare I say it - Slayer. Dawn Fades are a truly special band, what they have crafted on this offering is exciting and speaks to just the level of talent that they have been able to refine and guide towards listeners. Few acts of their generation really have this same sort of vision, but Dawn Fades really grasp the myriad elements that make post metal great and then lean right into them. What more could you want? 

There is a surprising amount of depth and diversity on this record. From acoustic passages that impress with their stripped down glory to wonderfully delivered atmospheric moments. Ode is a record that transcends expectations, and while it still is a bit limited at the edges, it hints at a grand future for this band. I think hearing these guys evolve is going to be very exciting. The deeper you delve the more clear it becomes, Dawn Fades are the real deal and there is a lot to be entranced about with this band, any way you slice it. 

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