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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Vassago - Storm Of Satan


You've got to admire a record where every track title ends with 'Of Satan'. This is literally the case of Vassago's new blackened death metal epic, Storm Of Satan. On their second full length these classic era blackened death metallers prove that they have been around for over thirty years for a reason - because they will rip your goddamn throat out. Few bands so routinely execute with the aplomb of Vassago and this full length consistently proves that they are among the best to be doing it out there today. It's utterly thrilling. 

A big part of the appeal of this album to me is the swagger behind it. Vassago know that they have something special cooking here and it is a delight to hear them unleash it at a million miles an hour. The hate storm that fuels a track like 'Evil Of Satan' is delightful and really speaks to a band who can execute at the highest level. There is a strange bombast to the band too. The production is simply massive so the way that they continually evoke exciting new twists and turns is fascinating. Vassago consistently go above and beyond on this record to show that they are fueled by the same rage that led to their formation all those years ago. 

While Storm Of Satan doesn't really have any unexpected surprises, it definitely is a top tier listen for those of us really devoted to this music. Vassago are a storm trooping force in the underground. They unapologetically go for the throat and speak to the beast within all of us. Losing yourself in their blasphemies and embracing the crushing heaviness of what they bring to the table is something we can all get behind. Immerse yourself in this high powered hate and come to terms with the darkness within, you won't regret it. 

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