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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Aussichtslos - Einsicht

One of the really striking things about pandemic projects is the intensity with which they can release material. Aussichtslos is a premier example of this, having burst onto the scene in March after years of lingering in the shadows and already gearing up to release their second album Einsicht. This is second wave black metal done right, gloriously ferocious and full of all sorts of bleak musical twists and turns. Einsicht is a masterful offering and one that will keep listeners coming back, fascinating with the depth of vision and hatred borne assault. 

The blazing guitars that define this record frequently hearken back to all manner of 90s staples. The larger than life imagery that gives life to tracks like Sklaven sees the band bringing in a surprising amount of hard rocking elements into what is ostensibly a black metal sound. It is a lot of fun to really let these twisted waves wash over you as you delve into the pit and prepare to experience the unholy hatestorm that has shaped this band. Aussichtslos literally translates to 'Hopeless' and perhaps more than anyone else, this band succeeds in sounding utterly without hope, showing us a path to the void from which there is no real escape. 

Einsicht is a gloriously devilish listen and one which will consistently guide listeners towards dizzying depths. The despair this band deal in is palpable and it is a delight to really immerse yourself in these dimensions of darkness. Aussichtslos is a truly exciting project and one that I sincerely hope that we will be hearing more from in the new future. They are too talented to go by the wayside and demand the attention of black metal devotees from across the scene. This is black metal done at a very high level and underground warriors need to be paying attention.

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