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Monday, July 26, 2021

Modern Rites - Monuments

Bleak and unforgiving Monuments is the debut offering from the trans-Atlantic pandemic project Modern Rites featuring members of Aara and Kuyashii. The end result is a twisted offering full of roaring bass lines and twisted, powerful guitar playing. It's an atmospheric and powerful offering that captures the imagination and continually takes the listener to a higher plane of existence. Modern Rites have gone above and beyond on Monuments and really immersing yourself in this unique blasphemy is exciting. 

Monuments is a stunner because of the power of the atmospheres these guys conjure up. Drawing from early 90s dark industrial but invigorating the sound with so much more, Monuments continually pushes listeners to delve deeper and uncover ever more twisted elements of their unique blasphemy. Modern Rites also succeed because of the quality of the production. When you unpack this record it feels huge. You get a real sense for the breadth of the vision and all that the group holds within their hands. Modern Rites have uncovered some sort of potent pretenatural force and the antediluvian might of their music is entrancing for those of us who really get lost in the waves of sound and neverending, glorious blasphemy. 

Modern Rites are an impressive bunch, any way you slice it. The breadth of their vision and the epic nature of their debut is enough to draw in any self respecting black metal fan. Monuments continually one ups itself in ferocity and vision. The sort of record you listen too, and then are forced to revisit a few days later because you really just want to understand what was going on. With spectacular performances all around, Monuments is a winner and one that I think I'll be coming back too very soon for more atmospheric black metal magic.

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