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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Chamber Of Unlight - Realm Of The Night

This is a good one. The solo project of the one and only Necrosis, also of Deathchain and Ajattara, Chamber of Unlight is a band who eagerly lean into some of the classic second wave of black metal tropes. With fierce drums and eerie synths punctuating the record, Realm Of The Night shines as a fierce and wonderful offering that goes for the throat and eagerly laps up the blood. This is what black metal was always meant to be about and the twisted imagery that delights the imagination on this offering is truly potent. 

Realm Of The Night captures the imagination with its dark imagery and the way that it leans into some of the larger than life tropes of the genre. Chambers Of Unlight may not be reinventing the steel but they do an excellent job of paying tribute to a classic sound and evoking the aura of a black metal war that hasn't stopped burning since the late 80s. This is a band who distill the classic influences, as well as Necrosis's significant role in the scene, and come out the other end with a masterful record that will leave you with a fire in your heart. You can easily get lost in the monochromatic soundscapes of this offering, and in fact doing so is a pleasure. 

Chambers Of Unlight have crafted a black metal record here that will keep you coming back. It's a record that really serves as another stellar addition to the underground and which will be a welcome offering and pandemic project blessing upon the ears of Finnish black devotees. Join me in losing yourself in the twisted offerings here, this is a black metal record like few others and one which really speaks to the enduring power of the genre. Embrace its darkness and come to terms with a new generation of hate.

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