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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Disimperium - Malefic Obliteration

Man another day, another win for Sentient Ruin. The killer Bay Area label has found another oppressive blackened grindcore gem this time with Disimperium. Their new EP, Malefic Obliteration is an absolute crusher of noisy, blackened filth resplendent with twisted sounds and tormented visions that serve to make a record that goes for the throat and leaves you gasping for air, curious for how you could possibly find your way through the nightmare. This is the genre pushed to an extreme and leaving listeners doubting the existence of god. 

From the first, Disimperium show you that they are something different. The tightly controlled layers of distortion act as a sonic punch in the teeth and the blasting drums are an unrelenting rain of blows that leave listeners begging for more. The mix is a bit sloppy, but that's honestly part of the appeal. I don't think I would like Malefic Obliteration as much if it sounded good. It's a record that needs to have rough edges to really make sense. The end result is three tracks of filth that in just under 12 minutes chew you up and spit you out. This is grindcore committed to the most twisted visions and reminding us there are still dark unexplored corners of the genre. 

There is an unbridled intensity that helps to make Malefic Obliteration such a potent record. This is a band who have pushed their sound to the logical extreme and reveling in it is only going to keep you coming back. Disimperium have found a way to crack skulls and punch out teeth. The million mile an hour assault of this offering is only given reprieve so that crippling distortion can leave you doubting your sanity. Join in the toxic waltz, accept the bitter pill of unreality and blast Disimperium. It's a crusher and one you won't soon forget. 

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