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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Nytt Land - Ritual

It's Sunday morning so why not get lost in the immaculate haze of Siberian pagan folk? Nytt Land's new record, their seventh, Ritual is a masterful offering that really captures the imagination and speaks to just how powerful this sort of music can be. Nytt Land is a deeply interesting project, pulling from thousands of years of Syberian and Nordic history in order to craft music that pays tribute to the gods of old and which feels timeless. The shamanic magic of their latest offering speaks to the wisdom of the ages and will keep listeners coming back. 

Ritual mesmerizes with the breadth of the vision behind the music. These tracks spool out miles of frozen tundra and epic stories of times forgot. This is music that feels just as epic as its overarching nature would suggest and the fusion of elements, from throat singing to jaw harps is guaranteed to leave you entranced. There is a very real power to Nytt Land and the way that they so effortlessly evoke the magic of old. Really experiencing the beauty and drama of their songwriting makes for a wonderful overarching experience and one devotees will long to revisit. This is pagan folk done authentically and powerfully.

Nytt Land are a group of musicians trying to share the experience of their culture in a world that is increasingly enslaved by the monoculture. They are a voice of the past in a time of modernity. Really letting yourself get lost in these interlocking layers of amazing vocals, tribal drums and unique traditional instruments. Nytt Land have managed to consistently impress and Ritual comes at just the right time. Through seven albums the band has had plenty of time to hone their craft and come out as veritable masters who you can not ignore.

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