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Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Necrosexual - Seeds Of Seduction

The Necrosexual is back and he is killing it. His latest offering, Seeds Of Seduction remains a fitting tribute to the insanity that is this band and the over the top magic that has come to define The Necrosexual's oeuvre. This speed/black metal blend is of a sort only rarely heard in the United States but which pays a perfect tribute to the classic 80s extreme metal sound. The over the top ministrations and demonic evocations that define this offering are just a bit tongue in cheek, but that's part of the beauty of black metal. 

Seeds Of Seduction is a triumph because the over the top and bloodthirsty nature of the band. Tracks like 'Screamin' For The Steamin' Demon Semen' are wonderfully absurd and really revel in the high school magic of classic metal. These are songs that are high powered and a whole bunch of fun. The demented yowls that punctuate this EP give it a lot of flavor and the blazing ferocity that helps to shape these tracks only makes for more addictive listening. The Necrosexual have really gone above and beyond here, refining their craft and preparing a three track offering that in about fifteen minutes explains with panache the fun of metal. 

This is The Necrosexual at his finest, relishing in the absurdly offensive sides of heavy metal and giving you a reason to raise your fist to the sky. Yes it's silly but that's kind of the point if I'm being honest. Seeds Of Seduction is a record that easily leans into all the hairiest and grossest tropes of metal but does it in such an authentic 80's fueled way that classic metal fans are going to come back to this record time and time again. So yes, it's silly. But guess what? That's the point. This record is a goddamn blast both musically and in terms of concept. Listen.

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