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Friday, July 9, 2021

Overrider - the city eats the stranger​/​/​the sky eats the city

I very rarely review electronic music on this blog, but I do enjoy delving in now and again as it is a compelling and interesting art form. Such is the case with the latest from Overrider, whose new full length, the city eats the stranger//the sky eats the city is a powerful and glitchy offering that owes as much to Aphex Twin as it does The Dillinger Escape Plan. Fusing algorithmic music with breakcore and even touches of jungle, Overrider have done a fantastic job of crafying a record that fascinates the listener and speaks to the weirder side of the genre. 

The off kilter approach and heavy sampling that defines a track like 'the= m=sh' is particularly potent and speaks to a project that is consistently willing to push boundaries and ask its followers to go with them exploring new musical landscapes. The weird directions that makes this music so exciting really speaks to Overriders capacity to fascinate listeners and breed exotic new directions for them to go. the city eats the stranger//the sky eats the city is a thrilling listen from front to back and one that continually seeks to surprise and showcase just how talented the folks behind this band are and their ability to come up with exotic new approaches. 

While this is certainly not my normal cup of tea there is a lot to love about the unexpected sci fi approaches of Overrider. Their sound feels like music ripped from the far future and immersing yourself in the combative darkness of what they do is exciting and refreshing. It's a joy to really let the waves of sound wash over you as you come to understand exactly what makes Overrider such a special project and one that bears so much revisiting. the city eats the stranger//the sky eats the city is a deceptively heavy offering and one that bears revisiting. 

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