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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Aenigmatum - Deconsecrate

Another day, another amazing release from 20 Buck Spin. Aenigmatum are a Portland death metal band who made head turns with a high energy debut. Their new record, Deconsecrate is a thrilling testament to their growth and a delicious slab of chunky and over the top death metal chock to the brim with tight riffs and super precise playing. The performances here are mind boggling and speak to just how talented the guys in this band are, and why you need to be paying attention to their latest unholy conjurations. 

Aenigmatum impress with the layers of riffage that interlock on Deconsecrate. Tracks like 'Disenthralled' showcase tight and devastatingly heavy riffage lying underneath wonderfully harsh growls. The overarching approach is one of danger, where listeners are really forced to come to terms with the crushing power of this band and their turbocharged death metal assault. There is a whole raft of influences showcased here too. Deconsecrate is a death metal record that, while not reinventing the steel, certainly does a good job of paying attention to the base tropes of the genre and leaving listeners excited about how exactly this band can execute.

Lose yourself  in Deconscrecrate and benefit from the molten wreckage that makes this band such a special collaboration. The spiraling power of a track like 'Fracturing Proclivity' is almost too much to handle. The way that Aenigmatum sit between old school death metal and tech death whilst simultaneously showcasing some black metal frills and sick bass playing is delightful. Deconsecrate is a masterful record and one that will keep devotees to the genre coming back. So dive on in - the blood is fine!

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