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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Shrieking Demons - Diabolical Regurgitations


Now this is some sick fucking death metal. I mean even from the album cover you can tell, Shrieking Demons are on some truly evil shit. The high powered hate that fuels this record is exciting and powerful, speaking to the raw energy within and the demonic riffs that terrorize the soul as we plunge ever deeper into their blasphemous depths. Shrieking Demons debut EP Diabolical Regurgitations is fast and vicious death metal at its finest, terrifying listeners with crushing riffs and impressing with endless flashy solos.

At only four tracks there isn't much time for the band to full communicate their lessons of hate, but even in this abbreviated format it's clear that these guys are supremely talented. Tracks like the doomy and eerie 'Whispering Corridors' speak to the range of skills the band posses and mind melters like 'Water Drop Torture' act as proof that these Autopsy worshiping madmen can crank out old school death metal with the best of them. This is a power trio that leans into the crushing heaviness and who eagerly embrace the demons of the underground. To hear them shriek and cry out in protest of the madness around is pure death metal bliss. 

Shrieking Demons are an interesting new project and one that I think devotees of the genre are going to have quite a good time with. Diabolical Regurgitations is the sort of record that underground metal addicts come back too time and time again. Few death metal bands really 'get it' the way these guys do and to hear them lay out crushing riff after crushing riff is an addictive and endlessly rewarding process. To immerse yourself in this hatred is to drink from the night itself and if you love this music like I do then it's more than worth 17 minutes of your time.

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