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Monday, August 2, 2021

Schavot - Galgenbrok

Now here is some truly glorious black metal. Pulling from the classic tropes of bands like Emperor, Schavot is yet another project from the mysterious Floris who has become something of a legend in the Dutch black metal scene with his hectic release schedule. This latest offering is truly impressive stuff, with glorious arrangements and monochromatic assaults that leave listeners in awe. There is a crushing power to what he has crafted here and the high powered hate that is unveiled. Meditative and powerful, this is black metal that hints at the beyond. 

Galgenbrok impresses because of the scope of the music and the vision behind what Schavot is trying to accomplish. There is a very real sense of transcendence that Schavot is clearly leaning into on this record and it really starts to shine through on the records brightest moments. That being said - I also their ability to deliver righteous snarls as they do on tracks like 'Galgenbult'. Here the ferocity of the music shines through and one is reminded of the antediluvian power of Dutch black metal when executed at the highest possible levels. Galgenbrok really finds a way to distill many of the most exciting aspects of black metal into something gloriously twisted. 

It's a delight to really lose yourself in the myriad layers of Schavor's creation. This is black metal that acts a s a sort of path into the woods, allowing some to wander in and then realize that they might never find their way out. In a world of underground hatred fueling some of the purest sounds in the genre, the synth laden blast beat driven magic of Schavot is the sort of thing that devotees to the kvlt are going to keep coming back too. Embrace the darkness and lose yourself in madness. It's the only thing that is still real. 

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