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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Thyrfing - Vanagandr

Thyrfing have been fascinating listeners across the globe across parts of four decades now. These Swedish pagan metal warlords have established for themselves a unique position in the scene and seem to continually drive towards dizzy new heights. This latest offering, Vanagandr is the next step in the underground metal journey that has won these Swedes so much critical acclaim over the years. This is a powerful and exciting record that nicely touches on all the classic tropes of the genre whilst simultaneously pushing the band to the next phase in their journey. 

It's a delight to get lost in the amber waves of a track like 'Jarnhand.' Epic soundscapes unravel and a clear vision for a bleak future seems to come together one day at a time. There is a potent darkness behind this offering that will keep listeners coming back, eager to unveil the pagan fueled melodies and gorgeous, multilayered production. While certain elements here certainly sound a bit dated to me that's part of the appeal. this is a band who have stuck to doing pagan metal in the grand old style and any Bathory-isms or Skyclad influenced ideas are simply part of the territory. Either you love them as I do or this is not the record for you. 

Vanagandr is a potent offering and a strong next step for the vikings in Thyrfing. It's a record that honors the bands heritage and which consistently shows their growth and goals to become a force larger than themselves. Thyrfing are a one of a kind band and embracing the plodding crush of Vanagandr is a must for any pagan metal devotees in 2021. While this record isn't necessarily a world beater, it is one that devotees of the genre are going to get quite a bit out of as they delve ever further into the blasphemous past. 

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