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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Old Man Wizard - Kill Your Servants Quietly

All good things must come to an end. And that even means favorite underground bands. I've been a longtime fan of Old Man Wizard and their eerie occult rock sound. Their third offering, Kill your Servants Quietly promises to be their last, a final effort after years of hard work and collaboration in order to craft a record that is emotional, powerful and benefiting from some of the bands richest production to date. Old Man Wizard have proven once more what a masterful group they are and how good their songwriting and vision can be. 

The most obvious comparison for this band is Ghost, but they are doing so much more than that. Much like Ghost, Old Man Wizard eagerly go back to a fertile wellspring of 70s prog and occult rock in order to come back with a sound that is demented and powerful. The grandiose vision painted by Kill Your Servants Quietly with its epic choruses, wonderfully executed vocals and tight guitars is one that many of us love. This is a rock record in the proper sense, a record that is a lot of fun to listen too but which, on multiple listens really rewards those who come back to it time and time again to be charmed and fall in love once more. 

Old Man Wizard have gone forth once more to prove to us that they are a one of a kind underground force and one that will continually resonate with rock lovers of all generations. Kill Your Servants Quietly is a potent offering and one that I certainly will be revisiting. While I will be sad to see these guys go, I am glad for what they left us with and am certain that the future projects these musicians craft are going to be strong as well. Musical forces like this don't fade into the night but continue to impress for years to come.

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