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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Beach Riot - Subatomic Party Cool


What's life without a little fuzz pop? Such is the magic of Beach Riot whose infectious riffs and distorted guitars make for addictive listening that will leave you dancing. There is a very real magic to the bands new full length, Subatomic Party Cool with its grunge leanings and perfect pop songwriting. This is what underground music was always meant to be about and it's a delight to blast their tunes, shake your ass and feel the magic of what the underground can be at its finest. This is a fun and sunny hard rock record that will leave listeners in awe. 

While there are no groundbreaking new elements on Subatomic Party Cool this is certainly a record that is going to keep you dancing. Beach Riot continually prove that they are a one of a kind force in the underground with their infectious grooves and bottom end scraping mix. The driving bass on a track like 'Blush' is a delight. It's the sort of thing you can get lost in and find yourself continually getting ever deeper into. Again - while there are no real surprises on this record, its a lot of fun to just enjoy a record that embraces the poppier sides of the grunge movement and isn't afraid to hint at touches of shoegaze and more. 

Subatomic Party Cool is the perfect record for its time and place. Hard hitting and whole lot of fun, the sort of thing you keep picking apart and finding more righteous layers too. This is a shining example of what heavy music can be. Rather than a race to the depths of the pit, Beach Riot present a brand of heavy music that is summery and relaxing, a fun trip to the beach rather than a skull cracking ride through hell. Embrace the magic of Subatomic Party Cool with me. It's a refreshing summer listen you're going to keep on repeat. 

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