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Friday, August 6, 2021

Grandeur - Aurea Aetas

It's always cool when a bands name perfectly reflects who they are and what they are about. Such is the case with Grandeur a new melodic black metal project who are very much in love with the old masters. Their sound has a sense of well... grandeur, that is hard to deny and which speaks to the ongoing power of the genre. With glorious bridges and excellent songwriting, Aurea Aetas is a triumphant offering that keeps listeners interested and digging ever deeper into the unique rabbit holes that have come to define this genre. 

Grandeur is the brainchild of Erech Leleth, who also plays in Ancient Mastery, Golden Blood, and Narzissus among others. It's fascinating to see someone so prolific pull together a record that has this kind of vision. It just speaks to how some people were seemingly put on this earth to create black metal and... yeah... this is one of those guys. This is a record that very heartily leans into the tropes of the genre and which continually seems to push itself further. The record is driving and fun, the sort of thing that, while it may not be packed with surprises it certainly is endearing and interesting listening that is sure to keep listeners coming back. 

Aura Aetas is a thriller any way you slice it. Grandeur is a band who have come out with a very clear vision and the sound that they paint on Aura Aetas is truly fascinating. This is black metal done right, the frills are to just the right degree and the overarching sound behind the music is one that will keep devoted listeners eagerly engaged and curious about the next level that Grandeur is going to be taken too. I hope to immerse myself further in this magic and come to terms with the triumph within. This is what black metal was always meant to be. 

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