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Monday, August 9, 2021

LLNN - Unmaker


This record is an absolute monster. It's got that ferocious blend of hardcore with touches of black metal and sludge that makes for some really compelling listening. There is a very real sense of poetry to the glistening black edges of this record with its dynamic sounds and crushing volume. The overarching sense of terror that keeps listeners coming back is addictive. LLNN understand what it takes to make emotional and powerful heavy music. Unmaker is a fitting new salvo from these death merchants and one that can't help but to fascinate.

There is a breadth to this offering that can't help but to excite. LLNN have really dialed in the songwriting on this one, and with only a single track going over the six minute mark, it becomes increasingly clear that Unmaker is a potent next step for the band. I want to call special attention to the breakdown on 'Desecrator' which is just a devastating dose of heaviness to come early in the album. The mixture of a black metal snarl over hardcore inspired riffs never gets old and really gives the project its own vibe. The panic chords and booming bottom end only add to this sense of enduring despair and crushing hate. 

Unmaker is an absolute skull cracker any way you slice it. LLNN have found a way to refine their sound into a devastating whole and it's the sort of thing that will keep you coming back, ever more fascinated with the twisted burning wreckage that they have created art out of. In an era of great records coming out of the pandemic, Unmaker is among the best. Losing yourself in its layers and hateful majesty is a must for anyone who is a devotee of the underground looking for a deeper dive into this music. 

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