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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Deaf Club - Productive Disruption


This is a really sick one. Deafclub, for those not in the know, has made a name for themselves as one of the most interesting hardcore bands to be emerging from the ever fertile Southern California scene. There sound is mathy and manic. The highly political lyrics and hyper power rage that define this record is addictive. It speaks to a band who routinely go above and beyond in fostering darker sounds and bringing new and weird elements into hardcore. There is a lot of creativity in their upcoming record Productive Disruption and it's exactly the sort of thing keeping the scene exciting. 

What I dig the most about this offering is the hectic nature of the delivery. Yes, there are surprisingly technical passages and I love the breakneck rhythms, but it's the fact that everything feels like it could fall apart at any point that really makes Deaf Club an exciting band. This is the sort of project that really taps into the youthful energy of the genre and which is guaranteed to keep listeners coming back, fascinated with the demonic delivery and chaotic house show magic that defines so many of the best tracks on the record. On some level it gets at why we all got into this in the first place... and I kind of love it for that. 

Productive Disruption is a hardcore record for freaks. It doesn't necessarily always stick to every trope of the genre but it does a great job speaking to the exciting ongoing energy of the music. The way that they eagerly bring in fresh concepts and dare themselves to embrace ever more high flying antics is exciting. Immersing yourself into these waves of volume and experiencing the crush is guarantee to get listeners excited. I can't help but love this record, it's passionate and powerful. Let yourself loose, this album is like a kick in the teeth.

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