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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pestilential Shadows - Revenant

Pestilential Shadows are a stunning black metal band on the one and only Seance Records. There sound is pure second wave magic padded with triumphant synths and top notch riffs that continue to impress time and time again. Their latest offering Revenant is a twisted salvo into the abyss with potent guitars and pounding rhythms tattooing a message of hatred into listeners minds and reminding fans once more just how good this band is and just how different they are from so many other projects going on in the scene right now. 

Revenant is an impressive offering because it delves deep into many of the tropes of the genres and infects them with a unique breed of despair. There is a glorious level of torment here that is hard not to fall in love with. Pestilential Shadows have a simply colossal sound that resonates upon itself with its stellar execution and crushing performances leaving listeners in awe as they delve ever deeper into the magic of what black metal is. Revenant is a crushing offering that seems hellbent on outdoing itself and letting yourself get swept away in its high riffing magic and top tier production ever embracing the beauty of the underground. 

This is black metal as it was meant to be executed, high powered, bombastic and gloriously evil. Full of devilish snarls and moments of true epic magic, Revenant continually moves the needle and lets listeners get a grasp on the attack that makes this such a special project. Pestilential Shadows are an impressive bunch, and after nearly two decades of torment, they are still creating wonderfully demented offerings. Lose yourself in these odes to torment and I think you'll find yourself as charmed as I am. It's magical stuff.

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