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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Doedsvangr - Serpents Ov Old

Man you have to love black metal that really leans into the core 'Fuck the world' bloodthirsty mentality that made the genre such a force in the first place. Such is the case with Doedsvangr, a supergroup featuring members of Nordjevel, Sargeist, The Order of Appolyon and Tsjuder. The end result is a crazed record full of swagger and gloriously satanic hedonism .The manic madness and demented sense of fun that defines Serpents Ov Old is delightful, making for a potent second record from these black metal madmen. 

While Serpents Ov Old is certainly not reinventing the steel, it does play nicely on all manner of classic tropes. The willingness to go for the throat and the multilayered madness that defines a track like "Imperialis" is a lot of fun. It's hard not to be charmed by the trademark stomp and classic vibes of these songs. The bands willingness to go faster than over the top and pay clear tribute to old gods like Mayhem or even Venom is delightful. This is a record that is very aware of black metals rock and roll roots and evokes some of the most wonderfully dark elements of that sound for us all to sit back and delight in. It's triumphant. 

Doedsvanger understand what it takes to make compelling and addictive black metal. This is music that revels in its willingness to spit in the face of god and which seems to consistently impress with its devilish remonstrances. Serpents Ov Old is addictive listening for metalheads who want to lean into the madness of it all. With bombastic song titles like "Black Dragon Phoenix" and "Poisonous Tides" you know exactly what you are getting. Pure and unadulterated black metal fury that will keep you coming back into the pit. Let's go. 

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