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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Zaqqoem - Anarchic Rapture Of Withering

Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is an absolute skull crusher of a record from Zaqqoem, who were recently signed to Sentient Ruin, a label that has a reputation for finding absolute skull crushers. A product of the flourishing Dutch black metal scene, this offering is terrifying in scope. Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is an absolute monster of an album, digging into listeners skulls and forcing them to choke on the bitter pill of unreality. This is black metal executed at an extremely chaotic and twisted level, and one that I can't help but to love. 

Zaqqoem fascinate because of the breadth of their compositions and the overarching vision that fuels tracks like "The Serpent Dream Of Abrazakyz". The dedicaiton to chaos and disorder that shapes this offering is addictive. The band has found a way to really gnaw at your sanity and force you to come to terms with layer upon layer of crushing distortion. It's the sort of wonderfully evil and deranged offering that can't help but to charge bloodfreaks like myself. If you're interested in the most extreme edges of black metal where music runs into noise and the riffs are at times barely intelligible then this is the record for you. 

So yes, Anarchic Rapture Of Withering is certainly not a record for everyone. In fact most will probably find this record alienating and difficult, but that's the point. This isn't a record for most people, its a record for a select cabal of weirdos who love this sort of thing. Who have dedicated countless hours to understanding the outer edges of the genre and learning to love its myriad twists and turns. If you are like me and fascinated with these sorts of unique frills, then this is the record for you. And if not... move on I guess.

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