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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Duel - In Carne Persona

Duel has been one of my favorite heavy Texas bands for a while now, and I was excited to see the promo for their newest album, In Carne Persona hit my inbox. That being said - I'm not sure I was ready for the musical leaps and bounds the band has made. Don't get me wrong - it's awesome, but the band has leaned into their 70s prog influences more than ever on this record. While those elements certainly had always been there to some extent, they seem amplified now in new and exciting ways that speak to just how talented the band is. 

Long favorites within the Texas underground, I've always been curious about how this band was really going to take things to the next level. This record is very much what they needed to move the needle. It's triumphant and exciting, exactly the sort of heavy magic that keeps listeners excited and eternally returning to some of the darkest elements of the band. They have crafted something here that is creative, unexpected and a whole lot of fun. It's a thrilling next step for a band who seem to master everything that they do. In Carne Persona is a really fun listen and the bands willingness to broaden their influences and sound while staying true to the classic Duel formula makes for compelling listening. 

In Carne Persona is a triumph for the band, and honestly stoner rock as a whole. The band has really found an ability to expand upon the genre in exciting and creative ways. Their unique takes and expansion upon the sound is guaranteed to keep you delving ever deeper. This is what heavy rock was meant to be about, crushing grooves but also more than a little experimentation and personal growth. Letting yourself fall in love with these myriad layers is a blast and something that will keep listeners enchanted as they delve into this latest chapter from the band. 

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