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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Light Of The Morning Star - Charnel Noir


As I was listening to this record I texted my roommate, "Come downstairs, you need to hear this perfect fusion of goth and black metal!" Their Sisters of Mercy fueled deathrock comes head to head with stunning black metal blasphemy on their second record, Charnel Noir, a menacing and anthemic record that continues to impress and show listeners that there are interesting and twisted things still to be done within the darkest recesses of the black metal spectrum. Light Of The Morning Star have proven once more that they are stunners. 

What will immediately capture you about this record is the juxtaposition between deathrock vocals and black metal riffage. Light Of The Morning Star consistently show on this record that they are a one of a kind force who revel in wearing their influences on their collective sleeve and showcasing the myriad layers of their sound. Charnel Noir also benefits from some truly gorgeous production. The way the tracks interlock and the shining magic of the band is truly exciting. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the layers here and the broader takes on post punk and heavy music that really decorate this sound. 

Charnel Noir is a thriller any way you slice it. It sees a number of surprisingly coherent tropes thrown together to make for an exciting and potent listening experience that underground fans of many a stripe will find endearing. Light Of The Morning Star is a band who seem dedicated to pushing this music to dizzy new heights and really letting yourself get immersed in the broader, thrilling overarching vision of this band is a delight. It's a fascinating offering and one that I think fans of the underground will become addicted too.

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