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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Necrofier - Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness

Now this one is fuckin' sick. Necrofier have been a band I've followed for a while, enamored with their unique brand of black metal that pays tribute to the old gods. It's not something that you see a lot coming out of the USA, but Necrofier find a way to do it right. Their latest offering, the triumphant Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness is a rager, a record that goes for the throat and consistently proves that this band is a cut above the rest. Featuring current and former members of Insect Warfare, Oceans Of Slumber, Eternal Champion and Venomous Maximus, Necrofier are an impressive crew who have delivered an absolute ripper.

The high powered hate that they unleash on this offering is addictive and speaks to just how good a band Necrofier have become since their inception in 2018. Prophecy Of Eternal Darkness thrills with its classic melodic black metal sensibilities and its willingness to add to the pantheon of black metal. One thing that really impresses me about this offering is the pacing. The subdued intro of "Madness Descends" for example slots in perfectly between moments of pure black metal rage. It's hard not to be thrilled by the breadth of these compositions and the vision that guides this band forward time and time again. 

Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness is an impressive debut for Necrofier. It's a record that really pushes the band above and beyond whilst reminding listeners why they fell in love with black metal in the first place. While there may not be any huge surprises here, this is a really delightful and interesting offering that will encourage you to drink from the night itself. There is some top notch blasphemy here couched between devastating riffs and furious death roars. It's a black metal addicts black metal record and for that I am grateful.

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