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Friday, October 1, 2021

Outre-Tombe - Abysse Mortifère

Now this is a wild one. Outre-Tombe, the Quebecois death metal maniacs are back with a new album, Abysse Mortifère replete with over the top promo pictures. This is hard hitting and insane death metal done right. Yes it’s a bit silly, yes the horror elements are ridiculous, but that’s the point. This is what death metal was supposed to be from the first. Crushing, evil and just a tad tongue in cheek. Letting yourself get immersed in the madness that Outre-Tombe craft is just another layer of the bloodthirsty fun of it all. 

There are a lot of classic death metal frills that make this record feel good. I mean just look at the art. That should give you a pretty good sense of what Outre-Tombe are up too on this album. It's all the usual tricks. The thing is that the usual tricks are fucking awesome and that you should 100% be getting excited about what the usual tricks are. This is death metal done to rip your throat out and make you really come to terms with the fragility of your own mortality. This is what death metal was always meant to be and the bloodthirsty magic and gleeful torment that Outre-Tombe so clearly revel in on this record will keep you coming back. 

Abysse Mortifère is a wonderful tribute to classic horror death metal records and the fact that it comes out on Halloween is just awesome. Outre-Tombe have tapped into all the things that make me love death metal and it's really a delgiht to get to spend time with the triumphant blasphemy that they unfold on this one. It's death metal done at a million miles an hour with the singular goal of making you vomit. If that's too much for you then you're going to need to leave the hall, because there's no stopping these madmen.

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