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Saturday, October 16, 2021

200 Stab Wounds - Slave To The Scalpel

Yeah ok - this record is fucking sick. I mean just look at the cover art. When you've got art like that you know that you're about to uncover something really sick and twisted. Slave To The Scalpel is the gut wrenching debut of 200 Stab Wounds and it proves definitively that these guys deserve their place among the heavyweights in the death metal scene today. This is sick, twisted and evil. It's what death metal is supposed to be. Leaning into primitive vibes and making listeners gasp for air as you get ever heavier. 

Slave To The Scalpel is a masterful record any way you slice it. These young men have quickly proven that they have a deep understanding of what it means to be a death metal band and their mastery of the tropes of the genre and willingness to straight up throw down as they do on this record is delectable. It speaks to a band who go for the throat and don't fear the reaper. This is death metal done right, here to make listeners suffer and routinely remind you that this brand of heavy music can't get any more evil. 200 Stab Wounds speak perfectly to the nature of the genre and go far beyond the OSDM worship of their peers - even if it's clear these cats are in love with the classics. 

But yeah. Look at the cover art. This is all you need to know about the record. 200 Stab Wounds are the sound of you getting your face sliced open as brutal death metal plays in the background. It's terrifying, heavy and perfectly indicative of the genres greatest strengths. Losing yourself in these blasphemies is incredibly exciting and speaks to a band who are going to keep you gasping for air and beaten to a pulp. This is death metal mastery from an exciting and young band who I could see taking on the world. Are you here for it?

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