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Friday, October 15, 2021

Misanthur - Ephemeris


This is an interesting one. Season of Mist as a label has, for a while, been committed to finding bands that push the boundaries of black metal and help to expand what the genre can be. Misanthur is one such band, whose incorporation of dark and post-apocalyptic landscapes really manages to consistently capture the imagination and speak to new directions the genre can go. Their new record Ephemeris is a stunner and speaks to the sheer amount of potential tht these guys bring to the table in terms of crafting dark and emotional music. 

There's a lot of layers that make Ephemeris such a compelling listen. Not the least of which is the use of the bass guitar. It's got an unusually melodic role in the band, it's not genre breaking or anything, but it's a nice change of pace and one that I think will keep listeners coming back. It's interesting to hear the different compositional approaches that come in when you have a band like this one who are that much more focused on ambience than anything else. It means they shy away from blasting (Although those moments of fury are still there) and emphasize more the vibes of the music and getting people lost in the monochromatic waves of sound that serve to make this such a special offering and one that devotees like me keep coming back too. 

Ephemeris is a masterful offering and one that I think consistently shows just how special Misanthur are. Misanthur have found a clear way to differentiate themselves here and their approach is refreshing and exciting. This is black metal executed at a wonderfully high level. It's a natural growth on the genre that leaves me curious for more. While there are certainly places for the band to evolve next, as is this is an interesting opening cry and one that I think will turn heads of fans of the underground the world over.

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