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Monday, October 18, 2021

Deviant Process - Nurture

Those in the know are very aware of Quebec's long and interesting history in technical extreme music. One of the latest additions to this pantheon is the almighty Deviant Process. Their new record goes a step beyond traditional technical death metal bringing in all sort of prog elements and generally making for an intriguing, if at times impenetrable listening experience. This is prog taken to extremes and it's fascinating to hear players who are just that good executing impossible lines at a million miles an hour. I kind of love it. 

Nurture is an absolute stunner of a record any way you slice it. The songwriting has taken a huge step up for the band and the sparkling guitar lines are just phenomenal. So few bands can really execute with the same level of verve and aplomb as Deviant Process. Their vision behind this is clear and fun to latch on too. It's shimmering and powerful, with songs like 'The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite' leaving listeners completely in awe and in thrall to the top notch guitar playing that has come to define so much of this music. Nurture is a fascinating record in many regards and letting yourself get lost in it is a real pleasure. 

The thing of course that wraps this all up tightly with a bow is the thoughtful inclusion of an Obliveon cover at the end. They are the sort of father of so many of these bands, pulling from the ur-band Voivod and crafting some of the very early predecessors to technical death metal. Deviant Process have managed to bring us all forward whilst simultaneously, eagerly looking back into our shared musical history. This is Quebec technical metal done right. It's exciting, energetic and guaranteed to keep you headbanging.

Pre-order the record!

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